About us

We believe that future successful business models will be based on Cooperation and Networks.

At the core of our business model are a group of cooperating entrepreneurs. This carefully selected network of expert consultancies and experts ensures that our dedicated project teams provide only high-quality services to our customers.


The network of consulting companies and freelance experts.


In concert with our clients we assess their individual project needs. We then choose experts for our team covering all required skills and best suited to ensure a successful project delivery. We also ensure rigorous project and quality management.

Our network comprises business-, process-, and IT-experts.

Our network partners share our view that cooperation is the key to achieve success. They are committed to this idea and are fully capable of contributing to the success of this business model.

If you are a consulting company or an expert interested to work with us, you can contact Jürgen Engler at Juergen.Engler@atensis.de